Currently it is very difficulty to find new cryptocurrenies on the web or into the dedicated forums because there are so many coins announced daily. But also these dedicated forums are very user unfriendly and it is very hard to find the lastest coins or tokens because of lack of filtering options.

This does not mean that the here listed coins are safe und you will defintivly benefit from them. Cryptocurrencies are very speculativ and you can loose not only your effort puttinig into mining but also money. There are also many scam coins around. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH or consult professional advise before investing in any coin/token.

Why using Newrewardcoins.com

Our mission is to provide you with the latest coins/tokens from which you can expect to be rewarded by mining (POW), staking (POS) and running masternodes.

In order to give you an overview about these coins or tokens we have build up this site for you to benefit from beeing one of the first to mine, to stake or obtain a masternode to be rewarded. If we missed some POS, POW or Masternode coin you have the possibily to send us a listing request through LIST COIN . The firstAnnouncement of the Coin should not be older than 4 week ago.

You are also welcome to provide us with your feedback or any idea from which you think we could benefit.

We will never charge you for using our service as many other sites. All our effort and research is done manually, we check many forums and sites just to provide you fast with the lastest coin.

With every small donation you can help us to ensure to run this site and keep up this service alive.

Thank you for using our service!


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