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DateKind ofCoinRewardsEnds inGet Rewards
05-Aug-19AirdropOrionix400 ORX (28$) [hurrytimer id="1026"]
31-Jul-19AirdropCivicup to 25,000 CVCs [hurrytimer id="973"]
28-Jul-19AirdropSappChain1000 SAPP Token
$50 for each participant
first 10 000 participants of the Airdrop
24-Jul-19AirdropViteklick on the plus
22-Jul-19AirdropETHPlode150 ETHPLO
+ 50 ETHPLO per REF
17-Jul-19AirdropSatanicToken6.66 SATafter 6666 participats
14-Jul-19AirdropTohkaCoin500 Tohka Coins
14-Jul-19AirdropMelt50 MeltsAfter 70% distribution