IndexChain Airdrop


IndexChain is First private hybrid currency of POW / POS / MASTERNODE based on blockchain, a framework that is built on the basic protocol of Bitcoin and incorporates multiple improvements and additional technologies in that protocol to make it perfectly anonymous, secure, economical, and efficient for all the users. A wide range of the technologies have been used in their latest and most up-to-date versions, and all the flaws in Bitcoin’s infrastructure regarding security and anonymity have been addressed appropriately. A hybrid PoS and PoW (X16RV2), Sigma Protocol, Dandelion++ technology, Masternodes, Lelantus, and much more has been unified into one absolutely anonymous currency – Index (IDX).

Airdrop Details:

TrueChain is airdropping 10 IDX per Person and 5 IDX per referral. Mininum payout is 35 IDX.






Est. Value:


Days left:

10 IDX




How to claim your Airdrop:


  • STEP 1: Klick on “Go to Airdrop” and follow the IndexChain Airdrop Bot
  • STEP 2Join TrueChain Telegram Group
  • STEP 3: Click on Receive Reward and check your account resolving the captcha.
  • STEP 4: After verified click again to receive the reward of 10 IDX.
  • STEP 5: Click on Invite Friends and Win to generate your referral link! Invite a minimum of 5 friends to get the full rewards.

If you fullfill the mandatory tasks you will receive 35 IDX on your IDX Wallet.