TrueChain Airdrop


TrueChain is the world’s first public chain that implemented fPoW+DPoS hybrid consensus and has a strong global open source developer community supporting it.

TrueChain provides the underlying public blockchain infrastructure with high performance and security for decentralized applications and financial transactions.

Airdrop Details:

TrueChain is airdropping 60,000 TRUE  (Pool). 12 Stakes per Person and 2 Stakes for every referral.





Est. Value:


Days left:

12 Stakes

60,000 TRUE Pool

2 Stakes

How to claim your Airdrop:

MANDATORY (8 Stakes)

  • STEP 1: Klick on “Go to Airdrop” and follow the TrueChain Airdrop Bot
  • STEP 2Join TrueChain Telegram Group
  • STEP 3: Join TrueChain Telegram Channel 
  • STEP 4: Follow TrueChain on Twitter and retweet the tweet provided from the telegram bot

OPTIONAL (4 Stakes + 2 Stakes)

  • Share the Facebook link provided from the telegram boot
  • Share your Referral link and receive 2 Stakes

 If you fullfill the mandatory tasks you will have 12 Stakes on the 60,000 TRUE Pool.