This is to announce/report the start of a new free and open-source decentralized cryptocurrency, owned and maintained only and fully by its hopefully emerging and growing world-wide community of contributors. This is not a project claimed by a company, founders, VIP’s, lead developers or any people that claim a special role. There are no brands or already-reserved accounts. Not even a name has been chosen for this cryptocurrency, it’s up to the community to agree on one. For practical purposes, a preliminary coin symbol was chosen (XDS) which may be kept or changed.

The reason why the initiator(s) do not want to claim any further role in the life of this cryptocurrency and will remain pseudonymous, anonymous or even silent forever, is that they think this will make adoption and contributions easier, because there will be no hierarchy or ‘leaders’ then, but freedom instead. It means everyone can contribute, create a website, or coffee mugs for the coin. It shall be a productive anarchy.

If there was a White Paper for the coin, it would be Satoshi’s white paper, since the success of Bitcoin proves he got it right. The only addition would be a chapter on the proof-of-stake consensus, which runs in parallel to proof-of-work, so that blocks are (quite randomly) produced either by proof-of-work or proof-of-stake. Proof-of-stake might have benefits for the climate, so it seems worthwhile trying this.







Max Supply

21 M XDS

Coin Info


Ticker: XDS
Max. Supply: 21 M XDS
Premine: No Premine

Blockreward: 50 XDS, halved every 210,00 Blocks
Block Time: 256 sec.


POW Rewards: 50


POW Rewards: 50


Masternode Rewards: not available




not available

Mining Pool

MiningPool n/a (check additional infos how to mine)

Additional Informations

Start date: 2nd Jan 2020 23:56:00 UTC
Block height as of 19th Jan 2020: 0 (all blocks that were mined for testing have been deleted)
Units mined as of 19th Jan 2020: 0 XDS

How to mine
1.) Run the node
2.) Browse to http://localhost:48334/swagger to access the API help page
3.) Follow the instructions there to
     a) create a wallet
     b) load the wallet
     c) start mining

Twitter not available

Rent Hashrate